1. KIDS FIRST, CURRICULUM SECOND - Common sense dictates that a happy, motivated child is a better student. Our philosophy is centered around creating a loving environment where kids feel safe so they can learn at a higher level.

  2. CHARACTER EDUCATION/RESPONSIBILITY - We will provide the students with the necessary foundation and guide them through the process that will result in each child demonstrating the highest qualities of character. Our motto is "Do the right thing, because it is the right thing to do." Students will be responsible for the cleaning and care of their classroom and extended environment.

  3. ACADEMIC RIGOR/PROJECT LEARNING - We expect mastery from all our students, not just the top percentage. Rigorous projects are planned and implemented allowing students to exercise critical thinking skills while learning. We even teach business skills to our students.

  4. SPANISH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION (P.E.) - Every student will be provided P.E. and Spanish instruction at least twice a week by a specialist. We know these programs facilitate excellent learning.

  5. LONGER SCHOOL DAY, LESS HOMEWORK - With more time to teach, students have more time to learn.

  6. SAME TEACHER FOR AT LEAST TWO YEARS - Multi-age classrooms allow students and teachers to be together for at least two years. This fosters stronger relationships and increases quality instructional time.

  7. UNIFORMS - We want our focus to be on learning and getting along. Research clearly shows that schools with uniforms have fewer discipline problems and a greater sense of unity.

  8. FAMILY STYLE LUNCHES - Teachers eat lunch with the students in a family-style environment. It is an opportunity for teachers to strengthen their relationships with the students and at the same time take advantage of this informal setting to be a mentor.

  9. CHILD CARE, BEFORE AND AFTER SCHOOL - Reflecting our commitment to provide a safe and quality environment, we offer quality child care services on the school site.

  10. GREAT VALLEY SMART (GVS) - GVS takes advantage of our knowledge of neurological science and child development to offer the students appropriate learning opportunities. We supercharge the developmental process for those students who need it and give all children the learning tools that gifted learners use.