Academic Program

Great Valley Academy is a Kindergarten through 8th grade school.

Our academic program based on proven best practices in education, melding together brain science, character education and effective instruction. We are a Quality School focusing on the importance of a competency based classroom. Teachers receive two full weeks of training before school even opens. Continuing teacher training occurs every Friday afternoon when the student are dismissed.  

We keep classes as small as possible and allow teachers to keep the same students for several years. Teachers and students don't have to spend several weeks or even months learning about each other and forming friendships on a yearly basis, allowing us to get to the business of teaching and with much more efficiency.

We all know a safe, happy child is more productive and achieves more learning than a student who is distressed. For this reason, our model is to first create an environment that is nurturing, supportive and based on relationships rather than coercion. Establishing this level of trust allows the child to relax more which facilitates better learning.

We work hard to develop an environment where students, teachers and parents form real relationships that serve as the basis for success.

We embrace a rigorous academic program tailored to the individual learning of each student. Experiential and authentic learning opportunities challenge each student to their highest potential.

Mastery Learning:  A student will be expected to do Quality Work, demonstrating they have fully learned a concept before progressing to the next level. This works to the advantage of all students as they are allowed the time they need to master a specific topic and aren't expected to continue studying a topic once they have mastered it. Students who need a bit more support to master a topic will get it. On the flip side, once a concept is mastered, the student will be allowed to move on, eliminating the requirement of simple seat time. The students who seek the opportunity to advance will be given the chance.

Great Valley Smart: GVS takes advantage of our knowledge of neurological science and child development to offer the students appropriate learning opportunities. We will supercharge the developmental process for those students who need it and give all children the learning tools that gifted learners use.  IVL helps even helps the gifted learners become more efficient, allowing them to accomplish more with less effort.

Reality Character Education: This is an integral part of all interaction and instruction with the children. While there is explicit instruction, the greatest value comes from the model that teachers present, as well as the teachable moments that often occur in the normal school day. The motto is "Do the right thing, because it is the right thing to do." Our students receive character report cards three times per year highlighting their performance in importance areas such as respect, thankfulness, commitment to values and kindness.